Waterfalls inn is the original picnic site set up in 1963. A rustic paradise located only 15 miles away from the city of Nairobi (easily found on google maps) 7000ft high on a hilltop in the north west of Nairobi in Tigoni’s lush green area surrounded by beautiful, ever green tea plantations overlooking The entire city of Nairobi. As well as Nairobi international airport, encompassing a panoramic view of the plains and the famed Ngong hills making it truly a view and atmosphere no one should miss! It is the only place in Tigoni where one can get a panoramic view of Nairobi. This is a great spot for a beginners hike and perfect for kids too where you can walk amongst the beautiful tea gardens and even catch tea pickers in action! Making it ideal for all those photo opportunities! Talking of photos let us not forget the main attraction – the beautiful natural waterfall! Where you can enjoy a therapeutic shower under the waterfall letting go of all your worries and immersing yourself in nature and take in the breathtaking views and sounds. Waterfalls inn makes a great spot for bird watching alongside hosting of events such as birthdays, graduation parties, engagements, team building exercises and even weddings! The camping ground offers a beautiful scenic sunrise panorama of the city. It is an ideal location for family picnics whether you choose to bring your own food or buy from the on site cafe. Please note that entry fees do apply. Perfect place for that break from the hustle and bustle of the city life!